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Physical contact with modern basketball confrontational strong possibility of injury at any time in our body appears. Especially the feet, so wear a good pair of shoes will not only be super nice, even more important to protect our fragile ankles. Here and we can discuss how to choose their own pair of shoes.
High-top sneakers aimed at the protection of the ankle joint, basketball player, this is very important, 2015 New Nike Magista Obra AG Volt Metallic Gold Coin Black Hyper Punch which is like the past, many players did not wear socks, elastic stretch to do first and then taping wearing protective shoes as long-barreled reason; big date 70% of the athletes choose this high-top sneakers, as this can provide you with the best ankle support role. Generally high-top shoes fit in the paint against stronger players wearing. But compared to the middle-top shoes, a high-top shoes than the shoes to help heavy steering resistance is not ideal. Strong offensive center forward, this category is more characteristic physical contact, Buy Nike tiempo Legend VI FG Pure Platinum Blue Green reversing much weight have required basketball shoes should be noted that: sturdy upper, shoes wrapped feet, twist in the end is good, good ankle support. High-top shoes more suitable.
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If you are known for speed, a sudden change, interspersed in the field at various locations looking for opportunities. If you fall into this category and high shoes feel great bondage sex, then the help of shoes is the best choice to protect the ankle. The shoes more help defender and striker wearing, except for the feet have some protection, which better reflect the player’s outbreak of force, and flexibility. Speed-type guard and small forward, is characterized by speed, change abruptly. The need to buy basketball shoes should pay attention to: the shoe light, Soccer Boots Adidas Ace 16+ Purecontrol FG Deep Blue Black Orange shoes wrap the foot, the outsole to stabilize, and forefoot cushioning, pay attention to comfort.

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There should be different methods for different materials. Shoe outsole and the side portions of the non-nylon material that can spray a little collar net, over ten seconds to get a soft bristle toothbrush to gently scrub, scrub but time not too long, should be promptly after brushing with warm or cold water wash away the foam, chemicals to minimize the time the shoe erosion. Shall immediately after cleaning with a dry cloth to wipe residual water clean, Adidas Leo Messis 2014 F50 adiZero TRX TF football boots serpentine white if the cleaning shoe is visible test cushion, then the above process is completed around the first water air clean, so as not to some water for a long time to break down the glue chemical changes leading to open plastic. If possible, use a toothpick to tread groove entrapped in the process of walking the gravel removed it, because for a long time caught foreign body will tread groove deformation, to a certain extent influence the braking performance of the shoe. Vamp vamp cleaning method will depend on what material is mainly constituted Yes. Basically, the cleaning method is to use cloth stained with a little water, then gently wipe the vamp, and note that the stolen goods on the upper is “flawed”, if it is cracking Mishap uppers, skip there hurt place, because if the injury continues to rub the wound will become even dirtier, even larger cracks.
Adidas Leo Messis 2014 F50 adiZero TRX TF football boots serpentine white 3 Adidas Leo Messis 2014 F50 adiZero TRX TF football boots serpentine white
If the shoe is similar to the nike foamposite, Nike Hypervenom Phantom 2 FG Boots Neon Black PU material or patent leather adidas in the kobe series used to directly take a damp cloth to rub on it, it is a relatively easy-to-clean material. Note that while some parts are used when another artificial leather similar to suede material, such as the inside of a dark and1 taichi mid part of, air Jordan 7 black shoe, must pay attention to clean wet rag extent, the general in terms of cleaning up this shoe, but with a very wet cloth dirty stains will be further intensified. However, the above method for cloth shoes, such as nike air Garnett III part of the upper with not a matter, it can be said that this shoe is basically no clean way to go. Also, if possible, it should be removed to the top shoe laces from a period of time to focus on some cleaning, after cleaning shoes for a better shape dotting effect.
As a reminder, there are a lot of white shoes after washing, some places will turn yellow, which is used in soap or detergent to clean no reason. In fact, white shoes with toothpaste to clean when the best!

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You know that all brand marketing routine, still sincerely into the set. Sneakers control circles, there are a variety Raiders on “how to ensure a smooth start NMD” is. Many shoe fans more per every opportunity refused to give up, onlineraffle, instoreraffle, even a very small number of FCFS, will go to trial. Such persistent, 2015 PUMA evoSPEED 1.3 XR FG Football Boots White Bone be regarded as basic literacy shoes control.
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LockerRoomd manager of small Yin and @AJCLUB the wolf are the main reason people fall in love because love of basketball basketball shoes. Small Yin believes that the design of shoes are very unique. Because I like also opened a sports shoe, “like to see people buy, I would like to buy.” The same open shoe wolf said, “in a physical store, you can directly communicate with others, share a common interest.” Go with the flow, they have embarked on this road favorites. Currently, a total of 250 pairs of small Yin about sneakers, Shop Mens Nike N7 Roshe One Deep Grey Blue Volt and the wolf peak periods there are more than two hundred pairs, currently stands at more than 100 pairs. Listening to some exaggerated figures, in fact, it is a way to express their love. Bloggers VeronikaHeilbrunner also like to use basketball shoes with a skirt, Mother Man was just right.
8,000 yuan to buy a pair NMD, in the end worth? Xiaoxian said shoe fans, this is definitely worth it. Because few representatives selling expensive, not readily available. The wolf also believes that there is reasonable is. “If the shoe fans really think one step ahead than others on foot, is the influx of more than others, purchased at high prices is understandable that, the key people like it.”

Because remember when young, so special attention AirJordan wolf series. He will be the first year of collection of AJ series, especially in 1996, 1997 production AJ12-generation, 13 generations, because that is the pinnacle of the Michael Jordan era. Even though they now can not wear, I opened it may have broken. But the wolf said, “is still worth buying is feeling ah. Youthful memories, Soccer Boots Adidas Ace 16+ Purecontrol FG White Black Gold as if placed in the shoes.”

So do not ask who control shoes, worth a. For them, as long as like, it is worth it. Wear in the feet, feel the feeling of playing idol, or covered up, his own youthful memories of hide. Watching their favorite pairs of shoes, especially the kind of satisfaction really cool oh.

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This year, really crazy in sports shoes. Since March, NMD public offering that is caused by the influx of people from around the world lined up to buy the original price of the shoes between 1099-1499 yuan, and finally due to the ultra-limited-edition, hand fired cattle fell to million. Finally, NMD craze finally calmed some, my expectation, Kanye (KanyeWest) of “coconut” series (Yeezy) again. June 11, light gray version YeezyBoost750 sale, Kanye had said, hoping “to get everyone wants Yeezy”. But this is still in the form of lottery reservation of limited edition, Adidas Nitrocharge 3-0 TF Red Blue White still is to go from hunger marketing routine.
The key is: control shoes are still willing to be routine. The official price of 2799 yuan shoes on a treasure has been pushed up to 9,000 yuan, or even the million asking price was too big to pay. In this case, some “cool” spectator might not understand the saying that “a pair of shoes is not it? As for it?”

Old routines still receptive
Soccer Nike Magista Obra FG Purple Turquoise Silver 2 2015 Nike Magista Obra FG Boots Purple Turquoise Silver
Many brands began to play on a “limited” label, and then invite the star appeared KOL feet, shoes, 2016 Nike Air Huarache Men Black Hot Lava fans brought back to buy. By lottery, first come first served, etc. available for sale on the web z shoes pushed up the heat, and through other channels replenishment sale.
In early super hot AdidasOriginalsNMD series, in fact, the year 2015 has been published. To then helped popularize these shoes, the brand to design a story: This pair of shoes in the 1980s drew three pairs of Adidas sneakers (MicroPacer, RisingStar and BostonSuper) classic elements. But for non-brand lovers, three pairs of shoes did not have a sense of place. Therefore, NMD in 2015 did not immediately cause the hot trend of industry. It is really fire up in March this year of “super limited edition” method. Available on the day, a lot of stores, electrical goods station are only about 20 pairs. Later, due to excessive flow of people, but also to cancel the sale. This makes a lot of shoe fans had “more, not want more” mentality.

The YeezyBoost750 recent sale “LightGrey” except according to the “limited edition” of these old routines, but also out of the great characteristics of Kanye’s “social + media star KOL” road. The producer rap rapper + + + transboundary designer ladies Kardashian’s husband, not only in the big show of the new Grammy, 2015 Nike Magista Obra FG Boots Purple Turquoise Silver also launched his wife, KendallJenner shoes and other sister who increased visibility.

Kanye himself followers on Instagram’s 74 million, while his wife Kardashian has 51.6 million fans. Kardashian family fame, you know. Kanye’s new shoes on sale are sent via Kardashian account. Kanye had to say a social media marketing can play a good hand, let you look at Reds wear, is to buy less, Koko.

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In addition to winter clothes reserves, and of course shoes. A thousand miles begins with a single step, a pair of self-evident the importance of a healthy and comfortable shoes! Cardin brand new 2015 winter children’s shoes market, Soccer Boots Adidas Ace 16+ Purecontrol FG Purple Freaky tide dad over here!

Sports shoes in the series “360 ° anti-bacterial deodorant SCIENCE sneakers” by the “three central” support effective antibacterial odor suppression, the preferred winter sports shoes. Efficient antimicrobial technology: Cardin sneakers antibacterial silver ion-based technology to add an appropriate medium compound formulated as an antibacterial agent, so that the shoe cavity active defense bacterial invasion, antibacterial rate of 99.99%!
Super deodorant technology: lining and insole by photocatalyst nano materials handling, effective degradation of poisonous gases formaldehyde, ammonia, benzene, super athlete by inhibiting the growth of bacteria produced effectively prevent foot odor, Kids 15 16 Adidas Juventus FC Away Soccer Jersey #9 Morata foot fresher moisture permeability! Science and Technology: Cardin strict selection of special fabrics, in the floor with high cotton content material, so that doubling ventilation Cardin shoe cavity design exclusive punching high-density insole, inside the cavity greatly facilitate shoe breathable cycling, humidity and exhaust accelerate feet!. The most popular winter sports shoes to see science and technology of the kart!
Cheap Nike Flex Fury Womens Black White Green Kids 15 16 Adidas Juventus FC Away Soccer Jersey #9 Morata
Dream, have fun! Warm winter shoes listed Quickly to Cardin store experience it!

Repeatedly won the “Top Ten brand shoes,” “Fujian Province”, “Fujian Famous Brand” Cardin children’s shoes in the shoes of research and development, innovation has been the leading peer, has absolute power. Shoes company R & D center continued winter hit three categories (sports shoes, leather shoes, snow boots) depth mining, material, color, Womens Nike Flex Fury Black White Green Shoes design, and other details of the process excellence and perfection.

Sports shoes into large cotton, two shoes, shoe materials to meet a variety of different aesthetic needs of the north-south region, the latest technology to create the “360 ° anti-bacterial deodorant sports shoes science and technology” was the most dazzling. Shoe styles, colors richer than in previous years, the first layer of cowhide leather shoes using fabric, more soft, breathable, more comfortable to wear. Much pro-Lai snow boots also have a major breakthrough in design, simple and elegant, more stylish charm.

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Comfort is a must. If a pair of shoes is not comfortable, do not buy. Compared fancy gimmicks, simple production process has always been my favorite, is now unfortunately too many fancy gimmicks.
Flexibility and support are key success of a pair of shoes. The most perfect shoes always very tough, Kids 15 16 Paris Saint Germain FC Home Football Jersey #32 David Luiz but very soft in other needed parts. Need to go through the whole pair of shoes is very tight very stable, but also a different way to provide support when the foot movement.
Players want to get more help from the shoe outsole, manufacturers promise a new outsole will bring more grip, more stable, more flexible turn, less slime and easier way to replace . Spike shoes, distributed manner, the spike shape is very important.
Order 15 16 FC Paris St Germain Kids Home Jersey 32 David Luiz Kids 15 16 Paris Saint Germain FC Home Football Jersey #32 David Luiz
One for me is very important but often overlooked thing is the feeling of the foot soles spikes. You should ask yourself whether spikes and distribution of this shoe makes you feel comfortable? If not, think about your 90 minutes have stepped on something like this can play well?
I’m not going to name names, but some producers will be some high-end shoes patented technology is also used in the mid-cheap shoes, this is a very high price. Other manufacturers who specialize in manufacturing a gimmick, name, color and concept, only to sell at high prices. Shop Mens Nike N7 Roshe One Black Red Turquoise is not very good. So keep your eyes open when shopping to try to find those shoes really cost-effective.
Opening of the European Cup on the occasion of the introduction of the first professional football shoes Xtep and market sales. “Blade generation” specifically for the Chinese football team and foot space to create, mix of European shoes designed to help them improve their athletic performance. Sponsored by the China University Football League level, the Chinese players samples collected hundreds of thousands of feet, obtained the most fit design. At the same time, 2015 Nike Roshe Run Shoes Womens USA Pink Black with the nail to replace the previous European soccer shoes spike design, increasing the surface area, improve grip on ordinary Chinese players sport artificial turf when.

Striking Nike Mercurial Superfly IV FG White Black Red

Since the launch of PUMA soccer shoes mandarin duck color Tricks Set to wide acclaim, PUMA will change the color in the form of play to the extreme. In the 2016 European Cup approaching, PUMA for its strength-based soccer shoes evoPOWER 1.3 released a new mandarin duck color. Today, let us enjoy this pair of dazzling color, Striking Nike Mercurial Superfly IV FG White Black Red full power evoPOWER 1.3 Tricks FG soccer shoes.
Football Nike Mercurial Superfly IV FG White Black Red Striking Nike Mercurial Superfly IV FG White Black Red
With the approach of the European Cup, PUMA announced a new duck color Tricks soccer shoes. In this one, there’s a speed-type PUMA soccer shoe replacement evoSPEED 1.5 Tricks. Compared to the previous generation, the new evoSPEED 1.5 Tricks football boot into a more evoSPEED SL-S design. Today, we want to listen to is the protagonist of this pair of thinner, lighter evoSPEED 1.5 Tricks FG soccer shoes.

Former Liverpool star Craig Johnston – Falcon prototype creators, when we asked him how to choose a pair of soccer shoes right, you would think he would answer Adidas Falcon series, but in fact his answer is not the case, let’s take a look at the master is how to choose shoes!
First you choose which pair of shoes in winter or summer use, site conditions, and how? Some ask this question sounds stupid, but if you do not consider this issue in advance, you bring court shoes may become a nightmare. Ideally the best, play the best friend needs a pair of SG shoes, a pair of shoes and a pair of FG outsole for indoor or TF outsole shoes. Different weather conditions and site conditions outsole wear different shoes. This is the foundation you pick a pair of shoes. Leather soccer shoes to now is still my first choice, but now a lot of man-made material shoes I have been accepted, and there is a very interesting performance. Note, however, some of the low-cost (low-end) man-made material shoes will not give you a sense of the strike, on the contrary will make you feel to wear a pair of shoes. In addition, an artificial material is not very breathable, feet in the shoes will be wet quickly.

Adidas Nitrocharge 3-0 TF Black Silver Yellow

The sale of the Brasil ITALY OG soccer shoes will be available using the kangaroo leather upper and upper calf in two different versions. Kangaroo leather surface using the Brasil ITALY OG soccer shoes will be available in black and white black and white two color, the style was first engraved Diadora Brasil soccer shoes look and the words in the heel embroidery “1984.” Shoes and shoe body side of the mouth join flag and the words “Brasil” in Italy. In addition, both shoes are made of solid outsole. Another material calfskin upper Brasil ITALY LT soccer shoes using kangaroo leather material exterior and upper Brasil ITALY OG substantially similar, the word “Brasil” shoe body did not occur, leaving only the shoes at the mouth of the Italian flag. Soft calfskin uppers bring the same sense of real ball and feel comfortable wearing. Brasil ITALY OG another big difference is, Brasil ITALY LT is not only black and white, Adidas Nitrocharge 3-0 TF Black Silver Yellow white and black two color, but also adds the very Italian style blue color. In addition, Brasil ITALY LT outsole uses a two-color, monochrome outsole Brasil ITALY OG differ. Whether Brasil ITALY OG or Brasil ITALY LT, two Italian Diadora shoes are crafted by skilled factory hand, and with an exclusive black shoes with shoe cleaning kit.
On the star products Volt + Concave football boots, Virginia Ben painted the latest creation of graffiti, black shoes with colored geometric patterns, so that this pair of shoes is very artistic atmosphere.

As the current hottest football star, Bo Geba feet of shoes has been a lot of players are concerned. After officially joined the Adidas camp, Adidas prepared a gift to the French “play shoes Youth”, a pair of only part of his black / gold color Ace16 + Purecontrol Pogbance soccer shoes. Today, please follow us to come and enjoy this unique dual-boots.

Cheap Nike Zoom KD Kevin Durant 7 Basketball Shoes White Gold

We all know that we are about to usher in an exciting summer, when Tricks boots will shock release! I think Tricks shoes are unique, distinctive, especially the design is the color. Yes, I think it’s very cool! And I also like the story behind this series –Tricks inspired by Rigobert Song (Rigobert Song), 2015 Womens Nike Flyknit Racer Hyper Punch Black Electric Green at the 1998 World Cup, he decided to be wearing a yellow shoes, and the other wearing red sneakers – World Cup year is held in France. This year’s Champions League once again returned to France, it seems that it is the best time to wear the shoes Tricks!
Cheap Nike Zoom KD Kevin Durant 7 Basketball Shoes White Gold Sale 2 Cheap Nike Zoom KD Kevin Durant 7 Basketball Shoes White Gold
I think a combination of glitter and bright yellow so very striking – so bright colors, destined to attract people’s attention in the field. This year’s Tricks boots really a great change in design, PUMA once again successful beyond ourselves, we present such a dazzling style and bold color combinations.
When I first wore evoPOWER game, I immediately realized that this was tailored for my shoes. The latest evoPOWER 1.3 in strength, balance and agility aspects are perfect to meet all the support I needed to play the best level. Compared to many other strikers, I am very strong, are power-type player, this extremely flexible shoes provided me with a strong kicker efforts. At the same time, 2015 New Nike Magista Obra AG Volt Metallic Gold Coin Black Hyper Punch progressive and stable outsole design parts so I can hit the ball better balance. It will hit the ball with precision the perfect combination of strength.
of course. I also hope that this summer we can see more of the wonderful performance of our same field. Gerry Postman is a great player, he has appeared many times in this season, I did not remember correctly, it is in Atletico Madrid (Atletico) and France. Anthony can bring to the team too much, and I am looking forward to play with him.
First of all, I admit that at first I did not understand a bit of the new competition system, but now I feel pretty good, so you can have more teams to qualify to enter the competition. After all, we reason the game is the same – that is our country for the love of football, so why not let more teams to show their presence in their respective countries in the European Cup it?
PUMA is the world’s fastest growing sports brand, Buy Nike tiempo Legend VI FG Pure Platinum Blue Green design, development, sales and promotion of a variety of footwear, apparel and accessories. Through 65 years of glorious footprints, PUMA uphold the “Forever Faster” brand philosophy, commitment with courage, confidence, firm and straightforward values ​​influence the sports industry. PUMA offer including football, Cheap Nike Zoom KD Kevin Durant 7 Basketball Shoes White Gold running, training, fitness, golf and racing sports products and sports inspiration from life products

2015 Puma EvoPOWER 2.0 FG Soccer Cleats White Black Blue

PUMA Tricks in the 2014 World Cup with a stunning duck color in the world, so after two years the European Cup coming today, New Tricks duck color PUMA soccer shoes came into being. Have to say, Tricks color let PUMA football shoes on the field is extremely bright, is not it?
Duck color of origin? Memory seems to be the song on the 1998 World Cup! Coincidentally, Song of the year sponsor is PUMA! Later, Tricks do not know whether the design of gratitude inspired by the song. If you like to show your personality in the game, Soccer Nike Tiempo Legend VI AG Yellow Gold Black Shoes then this year’s PUMA Tricks series will be your best choice, look at the picture on the effect of the foot is not fun, look at the following PUMA stars bring a large advertising.
2015 Puma EvoPOWER 2.0 FG Soccer Cleats White Black Blue 1 2015 Puma EvoPOWER 2.0 FG Soccer Cleats White Black Blue
In addition to this year’s European Cup finals, PUMA Tricks series will also appear in the America’s Cup finals, held in the United States, PUMA evoPOWER 1.3 and new evoSPEED 1.5, evoSPEED SL will wear fluorescent yellow and rosy red color with duck coat.
PUMA evoSPEED generation, the new evoSPEED 1.5 and evoSPEED SL after upgrading appear in front of everyone. The same design concept, still have to bring the fastest lightest shoes for the players. SL version still looks born for the contest, Nike Mercurial Vapor X TF Boots Multicolor Black White while the regular version evoSPEED 1.5 to be more durable.
A new generation of evoSPEED series changed little, maybe PUMA think the previous generation does not require drastic adjustments. The biggest change comes from their upgraded SpeedFrame, new radial SpeedFrame can be like supporting skeleton as to provide more support for your feet, because like evoSPEED so lightweight shoes, shoes stabilize and lock seems very important, now more complete performance SpeedFrame a.
PUMA Celebration suite is still with pink and yellow details evoPOWER 1.3 and evoSPEED SL II soccer shoes, but this time PUMA with a silver and black color with uppers to express tribute to contest this summer. Like two years ago, 2015 Puma EvoPOWER 2.0 FG Soccer Cleats White Black Blue a very low number of the same suit on sale, if you like the shoes, then you need to start a little faster.